We make it easy for you to sound like a native!
Absolute Beginner



In this set of 5 lessons, you will learn the very basics about Finnish pronunciation. We break down all the sounds to make it easy for you to sound like a native!

PRONUNCIATION Title Topic Function Summary
#1 The Pronunciation of Consonants in Finnish Finnish Consonants Learning how to pronounce Finnish Consonants Consonant sounds in Finnish and how they are pronounced and how they compare to English
#2 The Pronunciation of Vowels in Finnish Finnish Vowels Learning about Finnish Basic Vowels and Diphthongs 8 Finnish Vowels
#3 Feeling the ‘Stress’ in Finnish Finnish Accent Marks Learning the Difference Between Written and
Spoken Finnish
The Finnish language always has the accent on the first syllable of the word, and there are no exceptions in this.
#4 Finnish Accents Finnish Accents Learning about accents in Finnish Western Finland and Eastern Finland
#5 Common Finnish Pronunciation Mistakes Pronunciation Tips Learning how to avoid mistakes #1: Remember to Trill Your -R's!
#2: Correct Vowels
#3: Mind the Double Consonants and Vowels
#4: Learn to Be Comfortable with Non-Native Sounds
#5: Watch Out for Similar Sounding Words!