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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys! And welcome to FinnishPod101.com. My name is Mary and I'm here to teach you some Finnish. Today, we'll learn the Favorite Words Chosen by Fans. So let's get started!
1. äiti "mother"
Minun äitini on ihana. "My mother is wonderful."
My mom is without a doubt one of the coolest people on earth. And without it being a cliché, she's really been an inspiration to me, like a role model. She's been studying and working her whole life, and She's so diligent. And still today, she's still studying and doing her doctorate degree. I'm really really proud of her.
2. ankara "strict"
Opettaja on liian ankara. "The teacher is too strict."
Now, I don't think I've ever had a teacher who's too strict. I think it's good that your teacher pushes you to the limit so yeah, um, but it has to be a little bit strict, right?
3. erilainen "different"
Tämä ympäristö on hyvin erilainen. "This environment is very different."
I think it's healthy that your environment changes from time to time and maybe your tasks and your routines of the day are different every now and then, it keeps your mind active and you don't get stuck on your tracks. So yeah, difference is good for you, right?
4. Juoksentelisinkohan. "I wonder if I should run around aimlessly."
Now, this is a good one, a funny word. The basic word is juosta, which means "to run" and then you add these additions to it, and then you come up with a whole other meaning for the word. Like, a kid might ask -
Juoksentelisinkohan tänäaän metsässä "I wonder if I should run around aimlessly in the forest today?"
That's funny, right?
5. Kiitos. "Thank you!"
Basic courtesy. You can say kiitos or if you hear it in a spoken language you can also say or hear kiitti, which is the same thing. But yeah, you should definitely learn this.
6. lohikäärme "dragon"
Saduissa on usein lohikäärme. "There often is a dragon in fairy tales."
Now, do you ever wonder who came up with that specific word? I think lohikäärme is one of those words that I would really want to know who invented it and why. Because in Finnish, the word lohikäärme, the direct translation for it, in English, is "salmon snake." And I don't think a dragon resembles either a salmon or a snake, so I really don't know where that word came from.
7. Mahtavaa! "Awesome!"
I think it's mahtavaa that you're learning Finnish and I think it would be even mahtavampaa or "more awesome" that you would invent a sentence using any of the words or phrases in this video. So make up a sentence of your own, that's a really fun way to learn, and write it down in the comments below, ok?
8. Moi. "Hey."
Moi, or its other version moikka, are used in spoken language and you can't hear them in an official meeting or something, but if you're already familiar with someone, you can definitely say moi or moikka. That's a casual word. And if you're leaving a room or space, you can say it twice in a row to say "bye-bye," so that's moimoi.
9. myötähäpeä "secondhand embarrassment"
Tunsin valtavaa myötähäpeää. "I felt tremendous, secondhand embarrassment."
Now, this is one of those weird word, also. Like, you can feel myötähäpeä when, for example, a friend is doing something embarrassing, and you feel embarrassed for them, like, on their behalf, and that is the correct explanation for myötähäpeä.
10. onnellinen "happy"
Olen niin onnellinen. "I am so happy."
One of the places that I feel really really happy, is my family's summer cottage. It's in the middle of the forest, actually, it's in the middle of nowhere, basically. There's no running water, no electricity, no cellphone reception, there is just this house and a river, a field, some forest, and the sun, of course, we're in Finland, right? That is one of the places I really really feel happy in.
11. paratiisi "paradise"
Tämä on kuin paratiisi. "This is like a paradise."
There is a really popular folk song from the '70s by Rauli Badding Somerjoki, which describes this love story in the country setting, like, in the middle of nature. And that song is called paratiisi. So, maybe that tells something about the Finnish set of mind. You should listen to it, it's a great song.
12. rakastaa "to love"
Rakastan eläimiä. "I love animals."
I love my dog, she's weird, she's a dalmatian so she doesn't have long hair, so maybe she's a little bit cold here in Finland from time to time; she should have a proper fur, but I have a coat for her. And she's a really nice dog, she never runs away even though she's not on a leash, so she's a really good girl.
13. uskoa "to believe"
Uskotko kohtaloon? "Do you believe in fate?"
I have a niece, she's 5 years old, and I told her that I can do magic and she said to me - En usko sinua, which means "I don't believe you." Well, she's a smart girl.
14. vuorovesi "tide"
Vuorovesi nousee. "The tide is rising."
I don't live near the ocean, I just have lakes and rivers around me, so I've never actually experienced the tide in a proper way. I should maybe pay more attention to it when I travel next time.
15. jäätelötötterö "ice cream cone"
Kesän ensimmäinen jäätelötötterö. "The first ice cream cone of the summer."
I remember when I was a kid I lived in this small village/town, every summer we would have this ice cream kiosk that would open up in the beginning of the summer. It's one of my fondest childhood memories that me and my friends would go out to that ice cream shop and we would buy ice cream cones. And it always tasted so much better than buying from the supermarket. I don't know why, but it did.
So guys, thank you for watching this video of favorite words chosen by fans. I hope you liked it! Have you already figured out a sentence using any of the words or phrases taught in this video? And now, it's time to say thank you and bye bye. And in Finnish, kiitos ja moimoi!