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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys! Welcome to this new episode of FinnishPod101.com
My name is Mary and I'm here to teach you some Finnish. Today, we'll learn 10 Phrases You Always Want to Hear. So let's get started!
1. Näytät hyvältä tänään. "You look great today."
Now, this is definitely something you can tell the people you know and it makes a person feel good. You can maybe add something to it, like, you can say, kiva paita, which means "nice shirt," and that's definitely something you can say to make a person feel good about themselves.
2. Kaipaan sinua. "I miss you."
Now, you can say this to a friend or a family member or a loved one if you haven't seen someone in a long time. Another way to say the exact same thing in Finnish is to say - Minulla on ikäva sinua.
3. Teit hienoa työtä! "You did a great job!"
Now, you can say this to your employees or your co-workers to set a really nice vibe at your workplace, and everyone wants to know that they're appreciated. So you don't have to be afraid to say it, you should actually say it more often.
4. Tulet saamaan bonuksen loppukuusta. "There'll be a bonus at the end of the month."
Now, if you're a boss and you say this sentence combined with the previous sentence together, you'll definitely be the boss of the month. So you can say -
Teit hienoa työtä. Tulet saamaan bonuksen loppukuusta.
5. Olet erittäin hyvä kokki. "You're an excellent cook."
I have a friend and I cooked makaronilaatikko for him once. Makaronilaatikko is like a macaroni casserole with minced meat, it's like the simplest food on the planet so that he complimented me on my makaronilaatikko, that's, like, he must be really hungry.
6. Pidä tauko. Minä hoidan siivouksen tänään. "Take a break. I'll do the cleaning today."
Now, that would be nice here, right? Like, somebody would clean up after you and you can just kick back and enjoy the day, that would be awesome.
7. Ja sinä voitat! "And you win!"
When I was little and my parents would go out of town, they would bring these scratch tickets as a souvenir and my brother would always win something, or at least it felt like it, but I would never win so I was pretty bummed about it. Maybe I should try and buy one of those now and see if I could win some money.
8. Olit oikeassa! "You were right!"
I once saw this meme that said - "In a marriage, there are two people, one is always right and the other one is the husband." I'm not sure if that's a good joke, is it? Maybe not.
9. Toin sinulle jotakin erityistä. "I brought you something special."
When I was 16 and I was moving out of town my friends brought me this CD, like a mixtape that had a lot of songs that we would like to listen together, and I think that was a really really nice gift. That was back in the beginning of the millennium so CDs were a big thing.
10. Budjetti on rajaton. "The budget is unlimited."
Unlimited budget! I've never experienced that! Have you? Maybe I should go and buy one of those scratch tickets to see if I would win something and then have an unlimited budget.


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Hi Debbie,

Thank you for posting.

You can adjust the video lesson speed by clicking on the ‘1x’ button next to the volume control icon (you can choose either 0.75x or 0.5x to slow it down).

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What we need is a breakdown of the words and slower pronunciation at the beginning. Remember - we're Absolute Beginners with no real clue of what we're hearing! If you can understand this at normal speed, then you're not an Absolute Beginner!

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Hi Janis,

Thank you for posting!

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Excellent for dummies... 👍🌞👋... Thank You !