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Lesson Transcript

Tiina: Hi everybody! Welcome back to FinnishPod101.com's All About Series. This is lesson 11: Top 5 Tools for Learning Finnish. I’m Tiina.
Reeta: And I’m Reeta! Mitä kuuluu? How are you?
Tiina: In this lesson, we have a great list of tools to help your Finnish studies!
Reeta: Yes we do.
Tiina: These are tools that, when put together, are going to do wonders for your Finnish.
Reeta: And some of them will save you a lot of time!
Tiina: And what’s even better is that they’re all free! Free of charge and easily found on the Internet.
Reeta: What could be better?!
Tiina: Okay, so let’s start with a good online dictionary. There are many of them on the Internet nowadays, but the best one that I’ve found so far is sanakirja.org. Sanakirja means “dictionary”, so once you learn that, it’s pretty straightforward.
Reeta: Yes – just go to www.sanakirja.org and you will find a search field. Beside the search field, you’ll see a English-Finnish and a Finnish-English option.
Tiina: Depending on what you’re looking up, you can use both options to your advantage. By the way, you can find this link, and all of the links we will mention, in the accompanying lesson notes! So make sure to check those out.
Reeta: The results at sanakirja.org come up really fast – and there are plenty of words in their database.
Tiina: Next in our list is an Finnish language resources website, http://donnerwetter.kielikeskus.helsinki.fi/finnishforforeigners/parts-index.htm, which is hosted by the University of Helsinki, Finland.
Reeta: This site includes Finnish for foreigners!
Tiina: Yeah, it’s a really rich resource – there are links on basic and more advanced conversations, descriptions of Finnish culture, Finnish grammar, and more.
Reeta: Sounds very useful!
Tiina: Yeah – and all of it will be very helpful in the language learning process. Plus you can find a lot of tidbits of Finnish culture this way.
Reeta: So definitely try this out!
Tiina: Next we have another website, this time one called “Finnish language learning games” - http://www.digitaldialects.com/Finnish.htm- and like the previous site, it’s a resource site. It has all sorts of games to help you learn the language.
Reeta: That sounds like a nice site!
Tiina: Another great thing about the Finnish language learning games site is that they have a lot of topics that all well illustrated and with audio–It’s a good build site for building up your vocabulary!
Reeta: And best of all, it's free! So give it a try.
Tiina: Put it in your bookmarks! You’ll probably be using it a lot.
Reeta: Next we have…
Tiina: A Finnish language learning site specifically designed with the beginner language learner in mind - http://oppiminen.yle.fi/easyfinnish/ which is hosted by the Finnish national radio and TV channel.
Reeta: Ah, this seems to be a nice website for learning as well.
Tiina: It is indeed! There is plenty of material consolidated in this one website – it’s readily accessible to the beginner, as the website explains that if you have a certain amount of confidence, you do not have to have any prior knowledge of Finnish before using the site.
Reeta: Wow, sounds great!
Tiina: Okay, what do we have next?
Reeta: We have a website called Livemocha.
Tiina: Wow, and what is it about, Reeta?
Reeta: It is a web page where you can study all kinds of languages, including Finnish. You can become friends with native speakers, and they can help you learn the language. http://www.livemocha.com/
Tiina: Sounds very helpful. Does it include audio as well?
Reeta: It does. And you can record your voice while practicing Finnish, and a native speaker can give you a comment or a correction by recording.
Tiina: Wow, sounds so great!
Reeta: So you have a native speaker looking over what you have written and giving you feedback. And this service is free!
Tiina: What’s great is that it works for any level. So even if you are just getting started in Finnish… it will be great practice!
Reeta: And the feedback you receive is really valuable. We recommend signing up and writing something.
Tiina: Alright, so we hope you will take advantage of these great tools and all they have to offer.
Reeta: We’ve tried them and we know how good they are, so that’s why we’re passing them on to you!
Tiina: Remember that the links for all of these sites and programs can be found in the accompanying lesson notes.
Reeta: Let us know what you think of them too!
Tiina: If you have some other resources you would like to share, you can always stop by FinnishPod101.com and share them with the community! Bye everyone!
Reeta: Until next time! Hei hei!