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Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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Did you get it right?

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Monday at 06:03 PM
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Hi Ira,

Thank you for your question. The verb “sovi” form is "sopia" The word "sovittaa" in English is "to match up".

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you.


Team FinnishPod101.com

Saturday at 09:24 PM
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Hei! Can you help me with the verb "sovi". Is it a form of "sovittaa" (to fit), and if so - which form?

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Sunday at 07:16 PM
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Hei Sveta!

Tottakai voit kysyä! Me pidämme kysymyksistä. ? ?

You're quite spot on! "Kumpi" refers to 'which one' when talking about two things >> "Kumman paidan ostat?" , 'Which one (of the two options) shall you buy?'

"Minkä" is also 'which one', but it can be used when there are more than two options. You can say "minkä paidan ostat" also when there are two options, but "kumman paidan ostat" is slightly more natural.

Aurinkoisin terveisin,


Team FinnishPod101.com

Wednesday at 06:30 PM
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Hei! Voinko kysyä? Is there a difference between 'kumpi' and 'minkä'? If I get it right, 'kumpi' means one of two things (sininen tai valkoinen). Olenko oikeassa? Voinko sanoa 'Minkä paidan ostat: sininen vai valkoinen? Or should I always use 'kumpi', when choosing between two things?