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Friday at 06:30 PM
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Hi FinnishPod101 listeners!

What is your favorite mode of transportation?

FinnishPod101.com Verified
Saturday at 08:21 PM
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Hei Elsie!

Kiitos kommentistasi, thank you for your comment!

I couldn't find the error you mentioned, so perhaps it was already fixed. Thank you so much for noticing it though, we really appreciate it!

Best Wishes,


Team FinnishPod101.com

Tuesday at 08:42 AM
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In this lesson,

the example using the wokd "aviopari" = married couple

is "Opiskelijat matkustivat bussilla."

and doesn't contain the word "aviopari" at all.


FinnishPod101.com Verified
Friday at 06:43 PM
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Hei Kamil!

Thank you for good questions! I also agree with you - any kind of transport is perfect, as long as you get where you want to be! Personally I have to say though, that I really love flying and going by bike.

As to your questions:

- In the second sentence it says: "Ihmiset matkustavat tรถihin aamulla". So actually, there's no mention of trains. There is a train in the video, so that might be misleading though. I don't translate this into English, but I let you readers try to figure it out! Ok? :wink:

- In the third sentence it says: "Opiskelijat menevรคt bussilla." Surely you can also use the verb "matkustaa", as in "opiskelijat matkustavat bussilla", the students are traveling by bus. And you can also use the past-tense with both verbs; opiskelijat menivรคt bussilla, or opiskelijat matkustivat bussilla. They are both correct and used.

I hope this helps?


Team FinnishPod101.com

Saturday at 09:00 PM
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Hello :)

For me any type of transportation is great whenever and wherever it takes you to visit either new or favourite place :)

I have also comment accordingly to lesson notes:

Sentence 2: non-past tense and past tense says really that people commutes to work on the morning by train, not only that on the morning ;)

Sentence 3: isn't there any past-tense conjugation of "menna" and matkustivat has to be used? Or it is just more common?

Thanks a lot!

FinnishPod101.com Verified
Tuesday at 03:03 PM
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Hi Contance!

A friend of mine dreams about a mini-van as to travel everywhere. I totally agree with you, if travel is one's thing, better go and discover the world. This is probably something that every human should do once in life!

May I ask you where did you worked?


Team FinnishPod101.com

Constance Makela
Tuesday at 09:08 AM
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My favorite mode of travel is car (mini-van actually). I can stop when I like. I used to like to fly but it isn't fun anymore. It is a hassle. I have flown all over the world - by myself - in my younger days. But then I've also worked in different parts of the world. Great experience. Do it when you are young if travel is your thing.

Team FinnishPod101
Monday at 09:43 AM
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Hi Mario,

Those are all great reasons for flying! :D Thanks for commenting!


Team FinnishPod101.com

Mario Triballi
Wednesday at 08:43 PM
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My favourite mode of transport is to Fly! (English UK ). A person can go far and wide across the World in just a few hours! You can practice your language knowledge with the Air-hostess. All words to travel and order foods and drink for starters and then more!