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Lesson Transcript

Hei, minun nimeni on Paula. Hi everybody! I’m Paula.
Welcome to FinnishPod101.com’s “Suomea kolmessa minuutissa”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Finnish.
This lesson will be all about numerot. That’s right, numbers.
First we’ll learn the numbers from one to ten. They are not difficult at all, and it will only take three minutes. Vain kolme minuuttia!
Are you ready? Let’s start!
[slowly] yksi.
[slowly] kaksi.
[slowly] kolme.
[slowly] neljä.
[slowly] viisi.
[slowly] kuusi.
[slowly] seitsemän.
[slowly] kahdeksan.
[slowly] yhdeksän.
[slowly] kymmenen.
Okay, now repeat after me. I'll say the numbers and give you time to repeat each one.
1. Yksi
2. Kaksi
3. Kolme
4. Neljä
5. Viisi
6. Kuusi
7. Seitsemän
8. Kahdeksan
9. Yhdeksän
10. Kymmenen
Great job!
If you are wondering what comes before yksi, it is similar to the English words nil or null- it’s nolla.
[slowly] nolla.
Easy to remember, right?
Now there’s no need to panic if your new Finnish friend asks for your cell phone number. Let’s practice how you would say it.
We’ll use the phrase Minun numeroni on-, which means “my number is-”
[slowly] minun numeroni on.
minun numeroni on,
050 291 4728
Can you read it by yourself?
050 291 4728
Now it’s time for Paula’s Points.
Finns love to make words shorter. When counting quickly, the numbers can easily turn to less than half of the length they really are! Yy, kaa, koo, nee, vii, kuu, see, kasi, ysi, kymppi... There is no need for you to use these, but now you won’t get confused you start hearing numbers you’ve never heard before!
Do you know the Finnish word for a hundred? It’s almost the same as the verb “sataa”, “to rain”! In the next lesson we are going to learn the numbers from eleven to one hundred in Finnish. Before jumping there, be sure to practice the numbers we learned in this lesson, from yksi to kymmenen!!
Nähdään ensi kerralla!!