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Friday at 06:30 PM
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Hi FinnishPod101 listeners!

Who is your favorite soccer team in your country?

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Tuesday at 06:28 PM
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Hei Elsie!

Thank you for the good question again!

“Its arms” can be said with both “käsiään” and also “käsiänsä”. If the sentence was “Robotti liikuttaa käsiä”, it would mean ‘The robot moves arms’, and from this we don’t know is the robot moving his/her own arms, or perhaps somebody elses arms, or maybe even some robot arm parts! ;)

And you are correct, "nainen ui altaassa" is both present and past, i.e. 'the woman swims in the pool'

and 'the woman swam in the pool.'

Another similar verb is for example "pomppia", 'to jump' or 'to bounce'. "Minä pompin trampoliinilla", can be both present and past, i.e. 'I am bouncing on the trampoline' and 'I was bouncing on the trampoline'.

Best Wishes,


Team FinnishPod101.com

Monday at 11:25 AM
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Robotti liikuttaa käsiään= The robot moves its arms.

Isn't there an ending (like nsä) when you are saying "its arms"? Does this literally mean "the arms" and you assume it's his

(or her for a female robot...ha ha) arms?

Nainen ui altaassa= both present and past The woman swims in the pool

and The woman swam in the pool.

Are there many verbs that are the same in the present and past? Could you list a few, give a few examples?

I know I have come across some, but don't remember them. Ui=swim, swam

Kiitos paljon-