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Lesson Transcript

Jessi: Hello, and welcome to Finnish Survival Phrases, brought to you by FinnishPod101.com. This course is designed to equip you with the language skills and knowledge to enable you to get the most out of your visit to Finland. You'll be surprised at how far a little Finnish will go. Now, before we jump in, remember to stop by FinnishPod101.com and there you'll find the accompanying PDF and additional info in the post. If you stop by, be sure to leave us a comment!
Finnish Survival Phrases lesson 36 - Read Finnish Instantly
Reeta: In the previous lessons, we introduced you to some phrases you can use when in Finland and this is the last lesson of the series dedicated to learning from the people around you. In this lesson, we are going to cover "How do you read this?"
In Finnish, "How do you read this?" is Miten tämä luetaan? Let’s break it down, Miten tämä luetaan. Once more, Miten tämä luetaan.
The first word, miten, means "how." Next, we have the demonstrative adjective tämä, in English, "this." Then we have the verb lukea ("to read"-in present passive form: luetaan).
The entire sentence goes: Miten tämä luetaan?
If you are pointing at something, probably on a book, a newspaper, or simply a street sign, you might also like to ask, "How do you pronounce this?:
Miten tämä lausutaan?
Lausutaan is, "is pronounced," the verb lausua ("to pronounce") in present passive form.
Let’s break that question down, Miten tämä lausutaan. Once more, Miten tämä lausutaan.
After you have learned the reading and the pronunciation, you will probably want to know about the meaning. So why don't you try to ask,
Mitä se tarkoittaa? ("What does it mean?") Let’s break it down, Mitä se tarkoittaa. Once again, Mitä se tarkoittaa.
The first word mitä means "what." Next, we have se, meaning "it" in English and at the end, tarkoittaa, which in English means, "means."
So all together, we have Mitä se tarkoittaa? Literally, this means, "What does it mean?"
Ok, to close out today's lessons, we’d like you to practice what you have just learned. I’ll provide you with the English equivalent of the phrase and you’re responsible for shouting it out loud. You’ll have a few seconds before I give you the answer, so Onnea! which means “Good luck!” in Finnish.
“How do you read this?” - Miten tämä luetaan?
“How do you pronounce this?” - Miten tämä lausutaan?
“What does it mean?” - Mitä se tarkoittaa?
Jessi: Alright! That's going to do it for today. Remember to stop by FinnishPod101.com and pick up the accompanying PDF. If you stop by, be sure to leave us a comment!


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FinnishPod101.com Verified
Monday at 06:30 PM
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So far, what word do you think is the most difficult to pronounce in Finnish?

Friday at 06:51 PM
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Hi Colleen,

Thank you for your posting.

Yes, I can understand it needs more attention and practise but surely you will master it eventually. 😄

Let us know if you have any question.



Team FinnishPod101.com

Monday at 09:50 AM
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I struggle with the Yh- words like yhdysvaloista ja yhdeksän. It sounds painful to my ear, hopefully not as bad to everyone else.

Sunday at 03:43 AM
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Hei Päivi!

Haha, aion yrittää tuo. Ehkä se auttaa :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

FinnishPod101.com Verified
Saturday at 09:46 PM
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Many Finnish kids practice correct pronunciation with the help of rhymes.

This is for the rolling 'r' and "hissing" 's' :

"ärrän kierrän orren ympäri, ässän pistän taskuun"

("I will roll the 'r' around the roost, the 's' I will put in my pocket.")



Team FinnishPod101.com

Tuesday at 03:19 PM
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Oh, and words with a double 'r' are hard too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I can hardly ever roll my 'r's

Tuesday at 03:16 PM
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Those other words are crazy long!

Tuesday at 03:14 PM
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The long ones :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: haha. I think words with a double "-ll" or "-mm" are more difficult for me, for some reason. The ä ö and y aren't that hard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

FinnishPod101.com Verified
Thursday at 05:58 PM
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Yes Abbas, haha, it really is a tongue twister. isn't it? :wink:

Not to worry though. This kinds of words are rarely, if ever, used in conversation.

Best Wishes,


Team FinnishPod101.com

abbas kiamiri
Wednesday at 07:30 AM
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epäjärjestelmällistyttämättömyydellänsäkäänköhänkään?’ :flushed::flushed::flushed:

FinnishPod101.com Verified
Tuesday at 07:07 PM
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Hi Abbas and Ondrej!

Wow, those sure are quite difficult words you have picked. There are quite long words in Finnish, aren't there?

One example is 'lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaanikkoaliupseerioppilas' which means 'an airplane jet turbine engine auxiliary mechanic non-commissioned officer student'.

The Guinnes Book of Records has recognised the word 'epäjärjestelmällistyttämättömyydellänsäkäänköhänkään?' as the longest non-compound (a single stem with prefixes and suffixes) Finnish word there is. It roughly means 'I wonder if it is possible, even with his unreflectional attention to antiunorganizationalize?'

...Don't you worry though, these words are real words and they have real meanings, but they are almost never, ever used! :wink:


Team FinnishPod101.com