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Access your gifts right now before they expire in 3 days - April 30th, 2017.
Here’s what you get this month:
First –
The Dining Like a Champ Cheat Sheet
Learn how to order at restaurants and...
...talk about food in your target language.
Learn all of the necessary words, phrases and questions with this PDF bonus.
Second –
The 15 Unique Ways to Say Hello
In this lesson, you learn 15 must-know greetings
And you get audio pronunciation to help you speak with confidence,
Third –
A brand new way to learn a language in 2017...
...with the new, updated lesson interface.
You can now access your lessons on any device and any screen.
Try any audio or video lesson right now. Just press play to learn.
And Fourth – The Deal of the Month
If you want to learn a language the fast, fun and easy way...
with our COMPLETE language learning system...
...Here’s your chance.
Get 28% off Basic, Premium or Premium PLUS with the Ready, Set, Speak sale.
To get your free gifts...
Simply click right here... or click the link in the lesson description below.
Access your gifts right now before they expire in 3 days - April 30th, 2017

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Every month, you get free lessons, study tools and learning tips so you can learn the fast, fun and easy way. Here are your Finnish learning gifts for the month of May, 2017. New updates. New, free lessons. And of course, the best deal of the month! This month, you're getting:

- Business & Work Conversation PDF Cheat Sheet
- Daily Dose App for the iPhone, iPad & Android
- Top 10 Tourist Attractions
- Top 10 Ways To Make Your Proposal
- Deal of the Month: 31% OFF Premium & Premium PLUS

Go to https://www.FinnishPod101.com/free to access your bonus gifts of the month.